Triquorum One
( 130pp; 0 9538598 7 8; £5.99 pbk)

With an introduction from Paul DiFilippo, T:One is the first in a planned series of mini-anthologies of three stories that bridge the gap between slipstream, sf, wierd, horror; three novelettes, that are just too long to be classifed short, yet too short to be classifed has novellas. That fictional wasteland, rarely touched, yet it abounds with great pieces of the written word. Enjoy...

In The Thirty-Million Day Dance Card (18,000 words), John Grant weaves elements of political rhetoric and sf into the tale of a retired Presidential advisor looking back upon his life, and how the women he loved became but one.

Allen Ashley meanwhile writes a pure Philip K Dickian tale of paranoia in The Interlopers (15,000 words), where John Taylor slowly realises his flat is home to not only himself, but also a couple who rather resent sharing the place with him... yet, he's the only one who sees them - do they really exist, and in fact, does he actually exist?

Lavie Tidhar allows us to sit upon Stocard's Dream Chair in Leaves of Glass (8,000 words) with Walt Whitman, whose quest to meet Houdin leads to Paris, and a journey that maybe real, or not, but is nevertheless several steps into the surreal.


"These three treats - for which let us unleash three lusty cheers apiece - are united by their brilliance of execution and the sound of their unduplicatable voices." Paul Di Filippo

""... Three very good stories very well told, each completely different from the others, and all enjoyable enough to linger in the mind long after the book is finished..."
Gary McMahon, Whispers of Wickedness

"Overall this is a good collection at a reasonable price, with much [to] recommend it. 9/10"
Charles Packer, Sci-Fi-Online

"I suggest you go out and get [this] before it goes out of print... Grant's novella alone is worth the cover price." Mario Guslandi, Some Fantastic #9

"I admire the simplicity of the wraparound artwork... we have two pieces of [..] contemporary fantasy and one that's more delightfully weird than anything else I've read all year, so far. 3/5" Steven Hampton, Zone-SF


Pendragon Press, Po Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG