The Ice Maiden by Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis
(0 9538598 1 9; 80pp; £4.99 pbk)

With an introduction from Tim Lebbon, this is a supernatural crime novella of subtle and personal chills, from the acclaimed editors of the "Cold Cuts" series of horror anthologies, plus numerous short stories and the novel "The Ragchild"..

Limited to 250 copies, each numbered and signed by both authors.

cover illustration and design by Terry Cooper

"As in any good thriller, the tension builds up page after page... the story starts taking some unexpected twists, intended to surprise the naïve reader... The characters are a bit sketchy, but the dialogue is entirely credible and the general effect of the writers' prose is powerful. Lockley & Lewis have a compelling and brilliant writing style and display a great ability to create and maintain suspense and terror." Mario Guslandi,

"[it] builds steadily to an exciting and satisying climax. If you pick up one novella this year... this one, I suggest, will be it." British Fantasy Society's Prism (July edition)

"... bit on the short side at 83 pages of a large font, but the high quality stock and an eyecatching cover more than make up for its length.... the authors employ a rich voice and some carefully controlled literary misdirection to give the tale unexpected twists and turns... tightly suspenseful, but able writing and strong narrative voice are what make it resonate beyond its pages."
William D Gagliani, Chizine



Pendragon Press, Po Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG