Shenanigans by Noel K Hannan
(0 9538598 0 0; 256pp; £6.99 pbk)

With an introduction from Ian Watson, this is a stunning collection of thirteen sf tales, from one of the fastest rising writers of contemporary sf, each illustrated by artists from the mainstream and independent comics industry:

Rik Rawling, John Welding, David Gough, Nigel Dobbyn, Derek Gray, Alwyn Talbot
David Stephenson and Frazer Irving who also produced the cover design and illustration.

"Noel K Hannan blows me away!"
Alan Grant

"Noel K Hannan can mix it with the big boys.... [and] it's about time he started to reach a wider audience." Keith Brooke,

"... delightfully offbeat short stories... if you like to discover new writers, Shenanigans is well worth a look." Tony Lee, Starburst magazine (rating: 9/10)

"... stylistic [with] a welcome absence of gravitas... modestly priced and quite nicely produced... Good value and worth a second read." Chris Gilmore, Interzone magazine

"A glowing introduction by Ian Watson hints at the pleasures to be found in Noel Hannan's Shenanigans... [he] traffics mainly in post-cyberpunk wonders... [but] can achieve levels of David Bunchian weirdness as well... I detect echoes of Lucius Shepard and John Shirley, and with a capable acolyte like Hannan, these mentors can be proud."
Paul di Filippo, Asimov's magazine

"The tales [in this collection] are quick to read and thoroughly satisfying... [written] in a clear prose style, with no grandeous words blocking the rapid flow of the narrative... This is a writer who should be read by anyone who needs a fresh look at SF. I expect to hear good things of Noel Hannan in future years." Steve Mazey,

"This book is violent... [and it] is shocking when the violence happens because the characters are well-drawn, believable and likeable. Hannan takes issues and themes that are important in science fiction but uses a magnifying glass effect to focus on the individual and creates empathy between the reader and the characters." Katie McGivern,

"Of the thirteen stories in this collection by Albedo One story-award-winner... two are masterpieces... Hannan likes his backgrounds grim and bleak... The other stories in this collection are solid reads... do yourself a favour - buy it." Roelof Goudriaan, Albedo One



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