Nasty Snips edited by Christopher C Teague
(0 9536833 0 3; 160pp; £5.99 pbk)

with short, sharp and shocking tales from, in no particular order...
Simon Clark, Tim Lebbon, DF Lewis, Mark McLaughlin
Steve Lockley, Staci Layne Wilson, Edo van Belkom, Paul Bradshaw, Amy Grech
Darren Floyd, Cathy Buburuz, J Newman, Gerard Daniel Houarner, Stuart Hughes
Mike Watt, Shikhar Dixit, Shawn James, David M Simon, Craig Sernotti, Trevor Denyer
Kaaron Warren, Paul Lockey, Trevor Mendham, Jack Fisher, John Everson
Kristopher Reisz, Ken Goldman, Gene-Michel Higney, John R Platt, Scott Nicholson
James S Dorr, Doug Hewitt, Bill Francis, Jason Andrew, Marcie Lynne Tentchoff
and Tony Mileman

"... the book works... it will shock, disturb and amuse you."
M J Simpson, SFX magazine #63

"... thankfully, [the] editor has an eye for a good story and provides plenty of variety."
Peter Tennent, Zene #2

"Splatterpunk is alive... take this volume in small, non-fatal doses."
Paul di Filippo, Asimov's Magazine

"...a collection of some of the most twisted horror short stories... totally addictive [and] fabulous!" Lesley Mazey,

"In this publication, there are a couple [of stories] that shine. Some of the pieces were the chuckle-at-the-absurdity-of-it kind that make great diversions. It deserves a showing just for the fact that out of all the really bad short stories there is bound to be one that's an uncut diamond."


Pendragon Press, Po Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG