At the Molehills of Madness by Rhys Hughes
(0 9538598 8 6; 200pp; £7.99 pbk)

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Rhys Hughes is unique.

His stories are unique, unclassifiable; some call them horror stories, though many say they are just plain weird. But in a good way.

During the 1990s, Rhys Hughes was a small press mainstay - a story in practically any issue of very magazine that was published, especially within the UK. And for the first time in paperback, we have collected many of these stories which are quite possibly so rare now that they almost extinct.

Rhys says this is his first - and last - collection of horror stories. Get it now before it's never seen again.

This collection is not for the squeamish, nor the religiously-minded, but fans of J G Ballard will love Crash with Supermarket Trolleys whereas Atheists will probably find Madonna Park a hoot. Either way, if you like your short fiction edgy, dark, surreal, off the wall, mad, disturbing, or if you just like to keep Rhys Hughes smiling and writing, then buy this.

cover illustration and design by Ian Simmons


"Rhys Hughes might make you reluctant to take another's word for quite some time."
Michael Moorcock

"[N]ot so tongue-in-cheek as it's title might suggest... Dark, darker and darkest - a fascinating clutch of twisted tales not for the faint-hearted." John Berlyne, SFRevu

"Although untypical of Hughes' work as a whole [it] is a terrific piece of cult-fiction that will raise your eyebrows in horror and at the same time make you laugh your socks off."
Anthony Brockway, Babylon Wales


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