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Over the course of running Pendragon Press, I have come across a fair number of websites - some I visit often, others rarely - but below you will find a list who have offered help in some way.

Triquorum The dedicated website for my latest secondary publishing venture - a bi-annual digest of three novelettes per issue; stories that aren't easily placed elsewhere...

Prime Books The publisher of Tourniquet Heart, stepping into the breach to unleash my magnum opus onto the world.

Ankh Noel K Hannan's self-publishing venture, which contains his fiction and other stuff.  Nicely designed.

The British Fantasy Society The website of, bizarrely, the British Fantasy Society, and well worth joining.

UKSFBookNews From the editoship of Ariel, the new, improved and re-named alienonline.

Pigasus Press The website of the numerous small press publications edited by Tony Lee.

Eternal Night A rather splendid genre webzine, run by Steve and Lesley Mazey.

TTA Press The website of The Third Alternative and Crimewave and the other TTA Press titles published by Andy Cox. Superbly designed.

The Edge The website of the sharpest read... probably.

Horrorworld What it says on the tin.

SF Crowsnest One of the finest sf and fantasy magazines on the web.

Terry Cooper The website of Welsh artist, Terry Cooper, who produced the artwork for The Ice Maiden, and the interior frontispiece for Tourniquet Heart, Paul Finch's collection and the recent Robin Gilbert novel.

Screaming Dreams The website of Welsh artist and fellow publisher, Steve Upham.

Urban Chillers The website of a new UK-based short film studio, specialising in short, urban chillers...

Alison Davies The website of, erm, Alison L R Davies, author, storyteller, journalist, editor...

Elastic Press The website of quite possibly the only small press publisher that specialises in paperback single-author collections, run by Andrew Hook from Norwich.

Infinity Plus One of the best places on the net for all things sf, run by Keith Brooke.

Marie O'Regan The website of the BFS's editor/webmistress, as well as being a decent writer in her own right.

Ben Baldwin An artist in Brighton who produced the superb cover images to Stuart Young's novella and the forthcoming Lavie Tidhar novella.

Shadow Writer Paul Kane's offical site, plus also his on-going series of anthologies to showcase new talent... I'm on there somewhere...

Carol Anne Davis The website of well, erm, Carol Anne Davis, a story contributor to Tourniquet Heart and writer of some very well received crime novels and non-fiction titles.

Whispers of Wickedness The on-line home of D-Press, run by the enigmatic D.

Emerald City The webzine edited and published by Cheryl Morgan.

Gary Greenwood The blog to the Metal Monster himself and author of the superb King Never Dies and Jigsaw Men, not to mention the rather superb Kingston to Cable (and if you like westerns, you'll love it...). He's also a comics fan, but don't hold that against him. :-)

Horrorsound The website of American audio wizard Bob Harper, and author of the CD 'Twisted Rhymes' which is really rather good.

Gary McMahon The author of Rough Cut's very own web-site.

PS Publishing A UK small-press that trangresses the term "small" but run with the personal touch by erstwhile nice-guy Pete Crowther.



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